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DBA 4000 Series Rotor Reviewer's Overall Rating: 10.0

2002 Subaru Outback H6 3.0 Sedan

Vehicle Miles: 65,000


Driving Style: Spirited

Miles of
product use: 8,000

Pads: ATE PremiumOne Pads

Lines: Stock

Calipers: Stock

Rotors: DBA 4000 Series Rotor

August 19, 2007

2002 Subarus are noted for having warped rotors, very disappointing on such a quality car in every other aspect, Brake performance should not be a concern for the consumer in my opinion, After 2 sets of factory rotors (within 60K) and one set of rotors purchaced from my local parts store(that were already beginning to warp after 500 miles) I turned to Tire Rack who led me in the right direction with a rotor and brake pad combination that finally solved this issue for me once and for all, and didn''''t cost anymore than OEM, couldn''''t be more happier thanks again Tire Rack!
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