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StopTechSTR-600 High Performance Brake Fluid (Performance Street)

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged
  • For High Performance Street Applications. DOT 4 automotive brake fluid Dry Boiling Point: 594°F Wet Boiling Point: 404°F Min. Wet Boiling Point: 383°F

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Engineered to optimize brake system performance at high operating temperatures, StopTech STR-600 High Performance Brake Fluid guards against boiling and loss of efficiency. The brake fluid maintains its viscosity, lubricity and non-compressibility while offering protection from the punishing world of high performance motoring.

StopTech STR-600 High Performance Brake Fluid is a DOT 4, road-legal motor vehicle brake fluid and is compatible with modern ABS and other vehicle dynamic control systems. The fluid can be mixed with all DOT 3 and DOT 4 products.

  • Available in 500ml bottle
  • Typical dry boiling point: 594°F (312°C)
  • Typical wet boiling point: 404°F (206°C)
  • Minimum wet boiling point: 383°F (195°C)

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