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AIRAIDQuickFit with SynthaMax

AIRAID QuickFit with SynthaMax Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.2

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 QuadCab 4wd

Location: Glastonbury, CT

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October 01, 2011

I installed and Airaid intake and throttle body spacer in 2005 when I bought my Ram 2500 5.7L hemi SLT Quad cab 4x4 on my truck in 2005. I liked the unit and it used the bottom of the stock air box with a rubber seal to the hood so now water get in or debris. Really it's just like the K&N filter I used in the past, fit like a glove and is easy to service. Now I also use the superchips flashpaq programmer and a set of cat back dual theough a Flowmaser 40 muffler. The intake is fine but will only bring you some gains in fuel economy and performance by it's self. The combination of the 3 bolt on units work very well TOGETHER. No cold air intake will do everyting on it's own but I would reccommend this product to anyone that has minimal mechanical skills. If you could not install it and maintain it then you have zero mechanical skills and don't belong under the hood of any vehicle. I can work on anything but just wanted bolt on products.
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I found especially helpful your clear and informative evaluations of each tire on your web site. -- John, APO    Read More


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