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Street Survival

Tire Rack Street Survival® Partners with Veteran IndyCar Driver Scott Goodyear to Save America's Youth

Scott Goodyear, veteran IndyCar driver and expert race analyst, has announced his partnership with Tire Rack Street Survival®, a national non-profit teen driving program.

Every year more than 5,000 American youths ages 16 - 20 die behind the wheel. Nationwide, a teen dies in a traffic crash an average of once an hour on weekends and nearly once every two hours during the week. That means every week more than 100 families will lose a child.

In order to lower that number and call attention to outdated and ineffective driver education programs, Scott Goodyear will share his expertise and knowledge as a professional driver with teen drivers enrolled in select Tire Rack Street Survival® programs across the country.

Scott Goodyear
Scott Goodyear

With more than 25 years experience racing at 240mph, Goodyear still finds driving on the road with inexperienced teens frightening. When it came time to teach his teenage son how to drive and prepare for unexpected events on the road, Goodyear chose to enroll him in Tire Rack Street Survival®. Goodyear's full support came shortly after his son successfully avoided an accident after executing a maneuver he learned from Tire Rack Street Survival® coaches.

"Usually the first time a young driver has their car skid or slide underneath them, they're on their way to their first accident," Goodyear said.

Tire Rack Street Survival® teaches teens the skills they need to stay alive behind the wheel. Unlike traditional high school driver education programs based on classroom theory and simple maneuvers, the Tire Rack Street Survival® program improves driver competence through hands-on experiences in real-world driving situations. Teenagers learn from knowledgeable enthusiast driving coaches how their actions govern a car's responses, what the limits of their vehicles are, and how to avoid accidents entirely.

Scott Goodyear and son
Scott Goodyear and son

"Few people realize driving is one of the most dangerous things they do," said Bill Wade, National Program Manager, Tire Rack Street Survival®. "A car traveling at just four mph has more energy than a bullet. That's a lot of responsibility," he added.

Working with regional members of the BMW Car Club of America, Sports Car Club of America, and other like-minded enthusiast organizations, Tire Rack Street Survival® utilizes local enthusiast volunteers to support a national program.

One-day Tire Rack Street Survival® classes are typically held on weekends in cities and towns across the country, and are open to permitted and licensed drivers ages 16 - 21. The cost is $75 per student and some insurance companies offer premium discounts to graduates. To find a program in your area, click on www.streetsurvival.org or call 864.329.1919.

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