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PIAAPlasma Ion Yellow H3 55W

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PIAA's patented Ion Crystal technology is a great way to improve visibility in inclement weather. Ion Crystal puts out an amber/yellow light that is less reflective than white light thus greatly reducing the amount of glare in extreme fog.

PIAA Ion Crystal/XTRA Technology Wattages

Example 55 watts = 85 watts of light output
H1: 55w = 100w XTRA
H3: 55w = 85w XTRA
H4: 60/55w = 130/120w XTRA
H7: 55w = 110w XTRA
H8: 35w = 70w XTRA
H11: 55w = 110w XTRA
168: 5w

Read more about PIAA.

Sold in pairs.

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