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PIAA168 Plasma GT-X

2008 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 2wd
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PIAA GT-X replacement bulbs are designed with an exclusive purple low beam and an Xtreme White high beam. A purple topcoat gives the headlamp a bluish-purple look even when the lamp is turned off. GT-X bulbs feature PIAA’s Xtra high efficiency technology that produces greater light output than the bulb’s rated power consumption (for example, a bulb that consumes 45/65W of electricity has a light output that is similar to most 95/120W bulbs). GT-X bulbs are street-legal in Canada and in the United States.

PIAA Super Plasma GT-X Technology Wattages

Example 55 watts = 85 watts of light output
H3: 55w = 110w
H4: 60/55w = 135/125w
9004: 65/45w = 110/85w XTRA, 5000k
9005: 60w = 110w XTRA, 5000k
9006: 51w = 100w XTRA, 5000k
9007: 65/55w = 110/110w XTRA, 5000k

Sold in pairs.

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