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HellaH2 55W Blue Bulb

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Hella’s High Performance bulbs produce a brighter, whiter light that is closer in color temperature to actual daylight. This provides increased visibility and less eye fatigue for the driver in all conditions.

  • Manufactured under Hella’s stringent testing standards
  • Correct filament alignment ensures maximum light output
  • Blue coating produces crisp white beam when on

Hella High Performance bulbs are available to replace the headlight bulb types shown below.

Hella Wattages

  • H1: 55w
  • H2: 55w
  • H3: 55w
  • H4: 60/55w
  • H7: 55w
  • H9: 65w
  • H11: 55w
  • H13: 60/55w
  • HB1/9004: 65/45w
  • HB3/9005: 65w
  • HB4/9006: 55w
  • HB5/9007: 65/55w

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