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Hella H1 High Performance Reviewer's Overall Rating: 5.5

2008 Honda S2000

Location: Las Vegas, NV

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December 04, 2009

I bought the Hella H1 Performance Xenon Blue Bulbs for two reasons. First, I wanted better nighttime high beam illumination, and second, since they also work as daytime running lights, I wanted my high beams to more closely match my HID low beams. After installing them, I was a little disappointed. They do produce a brighter, whiter light than regular bulbs, but not significantly so. They also look yellow in daytime running mode and in high beam mode too. Compared to my HID low beams with both on at the same time, they aren't even close in color temperature. Due to Honda's design, they were a pain to put in, so I'm not going through the trouble to remove them and send them back. So, they work well, just don't expect them to look like the xenon blue from real HID headlights.
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1 review available


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