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EibachSportline Spring Set (Autocross/Track)

2005 Acura RSX

This product is not available for your 2005 Acura RSX. See suspension products for this vehicle.

This product is available from $174.00 to $249.00 depending on the size and application for other vehicles.

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Sportline Springs are the latest development from Eibach, the leader in performance suspension components. Sportline Springs will give your car a low, race-replica look. The goal? A radical reduction in wheel well gap and improved handling. Eibach Pro-Kit Springs usually lower vehicles 1.00" -1.25" to provide the ultimate balance of cornering and ride comfort. Sportline Springs provide an increased drop typically 1.50" to 2.00". Alignment Hardware Kits are also available to cure the alignment difficulties encountered on aggressively lowered vehicles. The Sportline Alignment Kit can both extend tire life and improve handling.

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