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H&RCoil-Over Race Suspension (Autocross/Track)

This product is available from $1,521.00 depending on the size and application.

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Racing improves the breed. H&R Threaded-Body Coil-Over Suspension Kits come directly from engineers who design and develop racing suspensions.

Blueprinted as coil-overs (not just a modified shock body), the H&R units are hand- assembled in Germany by H&R Speziafedern under rigid ISO 9001 and German TÜV standards. Strict attention to the function of the complete suspension system is the number one design priority.

Their threaded body means that the outside of the strut or shock tubes are threaded like a bolt. This allows the threaded spring perch to be moved up or down to fine-tune the ride height, optimizing looks and handling.

Equally at home on the street or the track, H&R Coil-Over Suspension Kits provide enhanced performance, improved corner-holding ability and a sleek, aggressive stance for performance driving characteristics without harshness.

Coil-Over Race Suspension Kits are designed for the committed motorsport enthusiast who is willing to relinquish some ride comfort in return for handling performance. The firmest coil-over in the H&R street line, the RSS is the choice for weekend track and club sport events.

The Spec E36 Coil-Over Suspension Kit has been developed for the motorsport enthusiast who is planning to compete in the BMWCCA Spec E36 race series. The coil-spring rates and damper settings have been specifically developed for use on the race track with high-grip, DOT-approved, race tires

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