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H&RSport Spring Set (Premium, Performance Street)

2013 Ford Fusion S
  • Front and Rear fitment
    Ride Height: Moderate Lowering
    Avg. low .75"F and .75"R.
    Lowering varies by engine size and model.

    Price: $240.00 (kit)
    Estimated Availability: Fewer than 3, Special Order Available
    Shipping Cost/Delivery Date
    Manufacturer Part #: 51677
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Car Icon 2013 Mazda CX-5 Touring FWD
Vehicle Miles: 15,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: SANTA ROSA, CA Shocks: Stock
Driving Style: Average Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 13,000 Spring: H&R Sport Spring Set
Satisfaction Rating: 7 Coil-Over: N/A

Thought it important to post a review of these springs on a Mazda CX-5 since no one else here has. The main reason I installed these springs was for looks. I drove my CX-5 for a year and just never could get used to the wheel/fender gap. The H&Rs took care of that issue beautifully, lowering the car (on average) 1.5" and giving it a much more planted look. A side benefit was improved cornering. I really didn t think that making this modest a drop on a CUV would impact handling noticeably, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much more stable the vehicle corners. Feels much more "carlike" in that respect now. However, as they say "There is no such thing as a free lunch." How many road tests have you read that warned "you might want to opt for the standard suspension as the sport suspension (think early Mini Cooper) is quite firm and can be somewhat uncomfortable over poor surfaces." If Mazda had offered a "sport suspension" option on the CX-5, this is no doubt how it would feel. It s OK as long as the road surface is glass smooth, but the worse the street surface, the more coarse the ride becomes. The CX-5, like most Mazdas, is pretty tautly sprung from the factory, so be aware that dropping the car even this modestly and increasing spring rates will definitely affect ride quality adversely. It s the price you pay for getting the CX-5 down on its suspension where it belongs. Finally, there s the issue of camber change. The only alignment setting that can be adjusted on the CX-5 is toe, which definitely needs to be done after installing these springs. Rear camber takes the biggest hit and will generally run somewhere between -1.5 and -2.0 degrees after the drop. Front camber is less of an issue. No one currently makes a camber kit for the rear and it s too early to tell whether inside tire wear will be an issue. I plan to increase the frequency of tire rotation to help with this issue, but it s an unknown as of this writing.

-- Review submitted 2014-05-19

Car Icon 2011 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI With Rubber Valve Stems
Vehicle Miles: 42,630 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: SAN DIEGO, CA Shocks: Stock
Driving Style: Average Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 42,630 Spring: H&R Sport Spring Set
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: N/A

LOVE how the H&R work with the stock shocks and struts.. Am due for new dampers so will be looking on Tire Rack when the time comes..

-- Review submitted 2014-03-23

Car Icon 2001 Jaguar XK8
Vehicle Miles: 24,400 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: Coral Gables, Fl Shocks: Stock
Driving Style: Average Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 2,000 Spring: H&R Sport Spring Set
Satisfaction Rating: 8 Coil-Over: N/A

The car looks 100% better being about one inch lower. The problem is that the front camber cannot be adjusted. Tire Rack had no solution or suggestion. Now I have to buy new tires every 2,000 miles. Tire Rack should stop selling them for this car. I also bought H&R springs for my 2011 MX5. They are great with no problems.

-- Review submitted 2012-11-12

I was very satisfied with your rep...Very helpful in my choice...and ensuring they got to my APO address.    Read More


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