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Hotchkis Sport SuspensionSport Anti-Roll Bar (Performance Street)

This product is available from $195.00 to $352.00 depending on the size and application.

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Car Icon 2002 Audi S4 Sedan
Vehicle Miles: 117,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: DENVER, CO Shocks: N/A
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bar
Miles of product use: 10,000 Spring: N/A
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: N/A

Due to SCCA Solo Stock class rules I only installed the front bar (kit I bought contains front and rear). It definitely helped, though I m sure the overall result would be better with both bars installed. It looks like the rules may be changing next year to allow both front & rear bar rather than either/or (as it currently stands) so we will see how that goes...

-- Review submitted 2013-04-18

Car Icon 2002 Lexus IS300
Vehicle Miles: 120,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: houston, tx Shocks: Bilstein HD Shock
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bar
Miles of product use: 10,000 Spring: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Springs
Satisfaction Rating: 2 Coil-Over: N/A

The Bilstein shocks and the Hotchkis swaybars are great. The Hotchiks springs provide far too little suspension travel. The suspension was bottoming out severely over minor bumps. Switched to the Eibach ProKit springs and my car is now transformed. MUCH MUCH better ride and handling feels just as good.

-- Review submitted 2008-11-28

Car Icon 2002 Audi S6 Avant
Vehicle Miles: 75,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: SHORT HILLS, NJ Shocks: Included in Kit
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bar
Miles of product use: 65,000 Spring: Included in Kit
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: Bilstein PSS9 Coil-Over Kit

The first thing you will notice with this suspension when you sit in the car idling at a traffic light is the feel of the engine through the brakes and into your set. It now feels like an animal ready to launch off the line.

All Audi C5 vehicles should upgrade to this combination when the vehicles reach 65k miles.

The PSS 9 kit will not radically lower your vehicle. It is highly suggested that corner weighting be applied to the vehicle to complete the set up. The transformation will astound you. You will be giving yourself a better than new driving experience. And, the greatest benefit is the sensation of knowing exactly where you are on your line through the turns. And how well the vehicle moves in response to the road.

Now that winter is concluding and the roads are getting repaired I will break out my OZ s and the sticky but noisy Yokohamas for the warmer weather, perhaps then will I turn the knobs and tighter up the PSS9 even more.

One more thing, the Hotchkis sway bar is not to be left out of the transformation. It givs you the weight on the steering wheel which translates into greater road feel with less steering input needed.

Recently my S6 Avant ran far more nimble than a 72 911S through the twistys. I know I scared one to death because in his rear view mirror was 150% more engine displacement, nearly twice his vehicle mass, and more grip and less body roll than he.

What other wagon than say an S4 Avant could perform with aplomb? Certainly not an E500 4 Matic, nor a 500 series X Bimmer. No this suspension puts you in another class of handling and you will love to turn that key and cruise. Just watch the potholes #!%*#!!!!

-- Review submitted 2008-03-23

No other place to buy tires or related parts comes close. -- Les, FL    Read More


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