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Hotchkis Sport SuspensionSport Anti-Roll Bars (Premium, Performance Street)

Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bars
2013 Scion FR-S
  • Front and Rear fitment
    Bar diameter 25.4mmF 19mmR Both bars are hollow. Front 2-way adjustable. Rear 4-way adjustable. Includes greasable bushings and mounting brackets.

    Price: $370.00 (kit)
    Estimated Availability: Fewer than 4, Special Order Available
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    Manufacturer Part #: 22445
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Car Icon 2000 Audi S4
Vehicle Miles: 145,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: GARDEN GROVE, CA Shocks: N/A
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bars
Miles of product use: 12,000 Spring: N/A
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: Bilstein PSS Coil-Over Kit

About 2 years ago, I was in the market for new shocks and figured I would splurge a little and get a solid suspension to build on. I plan on keeping the vehicle, so I wanted to buy a reputable brand, with a warranty that I would never need to use. I occasionally autox but mostly daily drive my 2000 Audi S4, and wanted to maintain a civilized ride, not bone jarring or pogo-effect for me. Investigating the market there are about a half-dozen or so different brands to consider, with solid products, and great reputations, ranging in price from $3,000-$1100 + shipping. Remote reservoirs are nice for maintaining stable shock oil temperature, but a tad bit overkill for daily driving and occasional track. I was more concerned with ride quality, and having full adjustability of compression and rebound adjustments to maintain ride compliance for street use, and have the ability to firm up both with the turn of a knob. After reading all about each brand Bilstein PSS9 was the obvious choice. I normally drive with the shocks set to 9, which is the softest setting. I have adjusted them as firm as 2 and everything in between, and my favorite setting for the street is 9, in all 4 corners, and it would be nice if I could get another click softer in the rear, but I m not complaining! The fit and finish of the parts was outstanding, and as a seasoned manufacturing engineer I scrutinized my $2,000 purchase and was glad i spent the money for the added features to maintain the "Best of Both Worlds." The firm stiff responsiveness you need to push the vehicle confidently on the track, with the ability to dial it back for the drive home.

-- Review submitted 2013-07-28

Car Icon 2002 Lexus IS300
Vehicle Miles: 120,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: COLLEYVILLE, TX Shocks: N/A
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bars
Miles of product use: 1,000 Spring: N/A
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: N/A

I daily drive my IS300 as well as running it in SCCA autocross events, and the addition of the Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars is a must for anyone who wants fantastic cornering feel and great ride quality. I left the stock spring/shock combination and ride height, so the ride is still Lexus smooth and solid, but the chassis is far more responsive and has far less roll in the corners. The adjustability is nice as well, and has allowed me to almost totally eliminate the understeer than IS300s are plagued with thanks to that heavy cast iron block straight 6 up front. This upgrade should be the first thing anyone does to improve the handling of their car in my opinion they have made the car more competitive on the course and still just as comfortable on the road. A great buy and worth every penny

-- Review submitted 2013-06-24

Car Icon 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 With Performance Tires
Vehicle Miles: 24,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: BINGHAMTON, NY Shocks: Stock
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sport Anti-Roll Bars
Miles of product use: 3,000 Spring: Hotchkis Sport Suspension TVS Stage 1
Satisfaction Rating: 9 Coil-Over: N/A

Hotchkis kit definitely improved the handling of my SRT8 Challenger. Corners flatter. Lowered the car just enough. Any more and I d be hitting bulging pavement ruts and raised manhole covers. (SRT8 s are about an inch lower than R/T s from the factory). Kit install was a bit challenging as the rear sub-frame had to be lowered which required removing the back half of the exhaust and disconnecting the drive-shaft. (Don t try it without removing the exhaust!) I made sure to mark the sub-frame s exact position before lowering and reinstalled it precisely. I avoided having to have the car realigned by doing this. I installed the kit in conjunction with a "Hop-Not" wheel hop kit, heim joint rear sway-bar links and Pedders offset steering rack bushings (to reduce front suspension bump steer - THEY REALLY WORK). All together, the modifications made my Challenger handle better and behave less erratically. DON T RUSH THE JOB. BE METHODICAL. It s better to take the time and do it right than have to redo some part of it. All my mods were a lot of work but definitely were worth the effort.

-- Review submitted 2013-03-01

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