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KYBGas-A-Just Shock (Premium)

2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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Car Icon 1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL
Vehicle Miles: 168,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: WAYNESVILLE, OH Shocks: KYB Gas-A-Just Shock
Driving Style: Average Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 5,000 Spring: Stock
Satisfaction Rating: 0 Coil-Over: N/A

A year ago I changed both my front and rear shocks on my Mercedes. They still had the original Bilstein shocks from the factory on them at the time. In late spring of this year I had new rotors and brakes installed by an independent Mercedes repair shop. According to a repairman, both my rear shocks were leaking. I have contacted a representative of Tire Rack on this issue, and will have to order new shocks for the rear and send the KYBs I originally put on back to them for evaluation and hopefully a refund. I would guess I should have stayed with Bilstein shocks, and paid the extra money. Maybe the saying is right about "You get what you pay for." Hopefully Tire Rack can help me on this...I have purchased tires from them in the past, and will very soon. Good prices, good variety.

-- Review submitted 2013-11-12

Car Icon 1993 Chevrolet Beretta GT
Vehicle Miles: 133,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: EVANSVILLE, IN Shocks: KYB Gas-A-Just Shock
Driving Style: Average Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 600 Spring: N/A
Satisfaction Rating: 0 Coil-Over: N/A

I was really disappointed with the KYB gasajust shocks. First, the threaded stud on the shocks were too short, so I was only able to get a couple threads in the locknuts; second-- the monotube shocks just do not work as hyped- the paint stripes on the road are like jackhammers--- you feel every tiny bump, but then over the really big bumps get really smoothed out. Driving in rain with the KYB shocks was a white-knuckled experience, and I d had enough of the jackhammer ride. I went back to the regular twin-tube shocks by Monroe the next week, which really improved the ride quality over the KYB shocks.

-- Review submitted 2013-06-04

Car Icon 1999 Mercury Villager Estate
Vehicle Miles: 170,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: SACRAMENTO, CA Shocks: KYB Gas-A-Just Shock
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 40,000 Spring: Stock
Satisfaction Rating: 7 Coil-Over: N/A

Im updating my review I left a long time ago. These were great shocks and handled well. Well over the years and 40k, I notice that the ride is more floaty when you hit consecuitive waves on the freeway. Its harder to control especially when there is a load in the rear. Its annoying and I think these shocks are on their way out. Dont get me wrong, they were a great upgrade from the twin tube designs but they just wont last long. When I haul my 3 bicycles in the rear my rear end likes to wave and squat, something thats hard to do and it puts more stress on the front struts. These have no leaks at the moment either. I would buy it again but I would definitly know these wont last past 50k (not bad). Im going to try mono max now, hopefully those wont be to stiff

-- Review submitted 2013-04-29

An absolutely wonderful shopping experience! Thank you, Tire Rack! -- James, CA    Read More


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