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KYBStrut & Shock Mount (Premium)

This product is available from $5.00 to $127.00 depending on the size and application.

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While not always apparent, as the vehicle’s mileage climbs, its strut mounts often deteriorate. Therefore, when the struts are being replaced (especially on high mileage vehicles), it’s also the perfect time to replace the strut mounts in order to help restore the vehicle’s like-new ride quality.

KYB strut boots feature a "bellows" type boot that provides effective protection from dirt and moisture by covering the entire piston rod. They include an integrated compression bumper that is bonded to the bellows to act as a "bump stop" that helps prevent metal-to-metal contact of the suspension during severe impacts. New KYB Strut Boots and Bumpers exceed original equipment requirements, are easy to install and provide a low cost insurance that protects the struts from dirt, moisture and severe impacts.

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