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KoniFSD Damper Set (Premium, Performance Street, Autocross/Track)

This product is available from $354.00 to $1,224.00 depending on the size and application.

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Most shock absorbers are designed to offer a firmer ride OR to maximize ride comfort. And complete computerized systems can deliver both comfort and performance, but at too high a price for the average consumer's vehicle.

The KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) shock combines excellent road holding and handing characteristics with no-compromise comfort levels. It's a two-in-one solution from KONI that doesn't require the installation of sophisticated electronics, cables or sensors. Firmness for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Smoothness for a comfortable ride on uneven road surfaces.

It's possible via KONI's patented Frequency Selective Damping technology - technology that actively controls the damping level on the basis of the vehicle's body and suspension movement frequency. FSD shocks are a smart suspension system that adjusts automatically and in a fraction of a second to road conditions and driving style.

How It Works

In standard shock absorbers the main damping characteristic is defined by the oil flow going through the piston assembly (1).

Combining it with the FSD feature (2), KONI added a special valve that controls an oil flow parallel to the one going through the piston rod (3). This parallel oil flow is closed by the FSD feature, giving a rise in damping force almost linear to the time that the piston is moving in one direction

Put simply: the FSD feature is a hydraulic amplifier that delays the build up of pressure. In some ways an extra tuning option has been created in order to get the best possible combination of handling and comfort.

Since it is an integrated part of the hydraulic valve system inside the damper, no additional cables, sensors or any other electronic devices are needed to operate an FSD damper. Read more in Dynamic Dampers.

Fitment Note: FSD dampers may not be compatible with lowering spring kits on some vehicles. If your vehicle has lowering springs, please contact a sales specialist before purchasing to confirm the fitment.


  • Excellent road holding and handing
  • Improved grip
  • Great stability
  • Optimum comfort level
  • Excellent body control
  • Added comfort for low profile tire applications
  • Maximized driving pleasure
  • No electronics, sensors or other components needed
  • Economical, effective solution

Additional Information

I always look forward to my next tire purchase...! My tires can't wear quickly enough. -- Emilson, VA    Read More


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