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KoniSport Cartridge (Premium, Performance Street, Autocross/Track)

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Car Icon 2004 Chevrolet Tracker 4 Door 2wd
Vehicle Miles: 189,949 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: PAGELAND, SC Shocks: Koni Sport
Driving Style: Easy Going Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 200 Spring: Stock
Satisfaction Rating: 9 Coil-Over: N/A

I ve bought the usual run of the mill offerings such as Monroematic,Monroe Sensitrac,KYB Gas and Sachs rears in hopes of having a nice ride. I drive a concrete truck for a living so a smooth ride means a lot to me. All of these aftermarket shocks start to go flat after six months. On a Chevy Tracker,you have to have good rear shocks because this SUV hasn t got a rear sway bar. Thus the necessity of good shocks. I found about these Koni Yellow Sport struts and shocks a year ago and Tire Rack finally had a sale on them just recently. These struts and shocks were easier to install than the other aftermarkets. The Koni s have adjustable rebound so that s an added plus with me. Owning a Mazda RX-7 spoiled me ride wise and I have been looking for a shock that comes close. The Koni front struts are rebound adjustable on top of the strut with an adjustment knob that Koni supplies with their products. The Koni rear shocks are adjustable by collapsing the shock and turning either end until the rebound adjustment cam is engaged. My initial rebound adjustments are; front struts, one complete turn (++) and the rears,(+). I always set my shocks and springs up on my cars on the Playstation 2 Grand Turismo 3 video game. After driving for a week I think that readjust the rear shocks to one full turn(++) in order to tighten up the rear end and reduce the under steer just a wee bit. To adjust the rears I will unbolt the bottom shock bolt and collapse the shock and turn it half a turn more. The tires are getting a little low on tread so I might spring a set if General Grabbers. The Goodyears on the front give too harsh a ride. The Uniroyal s on the rear ride a whole lot smoother. Plus,I ll be moving to the mountains of Tennessee soon. I ll be set up for mountain driving. Thanks Tire Rack!

-- Review submitted 2013-07-12

Car Icon 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTi
Vehicle Miles: 180,000 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: FOLSOM, CA Shocks: Koni Sport
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: N/A
Miles of product use: 10 Spring: H&R OE Sport Spring Set
Satisfaction Rating: 10 Coil-Over: N/A

These Springs were installed to replace Koni Sport springs that weren t long enough or stiff enough to keep the car ride height adequate to remain off the Bump stops or the geometry tolerable for street driving. A .75 to 1 inch lowered height might have been more usable for this car s particular geometry issues. Back to nearv stock height is the best solution for now.

-- Review submitted 2013-03-31

Car Icon 1997 Honda Civic DX Sedan
Vehicle Miles: 197,941 All Suspension Products on Vehicle
Location: Jacksonville, NC Shocks: Koni Sport
Driving Style: Spirited Chassis Products: Custom
Miles of product use: 25,000 Spring: Other
Satisfaction Rating: 9 Coil-Over: N/A

I bought these shocks from Koni directly, I just wanted to write a review on them. The steering response is amazing. It feels really smooth and accurate when you start pushing the car through tight corners. Cornering stability is excellent, being very stiff to be able to apply more power during corners and to carry much more speed through them. I have an unknown brand of lowering springs and I forgot to manually measure how much they lower the car. I believe that the springs are too stiff, because the ride is by far the harshest of any car I have ever ridden in or driven, though I haven t driven too many sports cars (harsher than 91 Camaro, 94 Corvette, 02 328i). Readers that can t handle a firm or very firm ride should stick with stock springs, though every car will feel different. I also use this car for Autocross events and the performance is a little lacking due to me still using all-season tires which are much too hard for competition. I like that all 4 shocks are adjustable even though they are advertised as non adjustable. I need to race more to feel any difference in firmness.

-- Review submitted 2012-12-28

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