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SPCNeon EZ Arm XR (Performance Street)

This product is available from $62.00 to $180.00.

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For Dodge/Plymouth Neon applications.

The SPC Performance EZ Arm XR control arm makes it possible to adjust rear camber and toe on all production models of Dodge and Plymouth Neons, including the SRT 4. It may be used on vehicles that have been lowered for performance and appearance as well as vehicles that have retained stock ride height. When two arms are used on each side, both camber and toe adjustments of ┬▒3.0 degree are possible. Using one arm on each side, only ┬▒1.5 degree toe change is possible.

Two arms are included in each kit.

  • Rear Adjustment Range: -1.5 degree to +1.5 degree toe (one kit), -3.5 degree to +3.5 degree toe (two kits), -3.5 degree to +3.5 degree camber (two kits)
  • Installation Time: 0.4 hr. per side
  • Kits Required: 1 to 2 per wheel depending on adjustment required

*Includes the built-in factory camber adjustment.

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