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SPCNissan/Infiniti Ext R Kit (Performance Street)

This product is available from $91.00 to $93.00 depending on the size and application.

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For select Nissan 350Z applications.

These Camber Arm Kits provide additional rear camber adjustment and comes with a larger offset-to-cam to bring the toe angle back into range. Adjustment slots need to be elongated as the kit uses a larger cam washer to achieve greater adjustment than the Original Equipment O.E. toe cam provides. In order to take advantage of full toe adjustment, the existing toe slot must be elongated. A template is provided.

  • Rear Adjustment Range: -4.0 degree to +4.0 degree camber, -3.0 degree to +3.0 degree toe
  • Installation Time: 0.6 hr. per side
  • Kits Required: 1 per wheel

Hard-to-find performance product at a reasonable price.    Read More


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