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Original Equipment Sizes for 2009 Volvo C30 T5

Alert Volvo equips your vehicle with more than one possible size during production.
Please select the size installed on your vehicle from the choices below.
Description Size
Original Equipment Size 1: 205/50-17

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Original Equipment Size 2: 205/55-16

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Optional tire sizes available in 18"  19"  diameters.
Or, you can select a custom size.

Temporary/Compact Spare tires are also available for this vehicle in 125/85-16 .


When selecting an Original Equipment (O.E.) tire size, note that the proper O.E. tire size for the vehicle is determined by options or changes by the manufacturer.

Original Equipment sizes are based on the best information currently available to us. Variations based on options or changes by the manufacturer may change the Original Equipment size on your vehicle. Please verify the size listed matches the tire size listed on your vehicle (usually found in the door jamb or gas cap) or in the Owner's Manual.

If you are unsure what size is installed on the vehicle please check the size as listed on the tire sidewall.

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