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DunlopGraspic DS-3(Studless Ice & Snow)

Dunlop Graspic DS-3
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
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Set of 4: $568.00

After mail-in rebate: $518.00

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The Graspic DS-3 represents the third generation of Dunlop Digi-tire Studless Ice & Snow winter tires developed for the drivers of coupes and sedans, as well as family minivans and crossover utility vehicles. Graspic DS-3 tires use Dunlop's Digital Rolling Simulation II technology (computer-enhanced design) and premium tread compounding to deliver wintertime traction in snow and on ice.

Graspic DS-3 studless winter / snow tires feature a silica-based, glass fiber-reinforced tread compound molded into a symmetric independent block tread design to provide grip in snow and on ice without resorting to traditional metal studs. High-density Miura-shaped sipes (featuring a three-dimensional interlocking zigzag design) help stiffen the tread blocks to promote steering feel and even tread wear. The Graspic DS-3's Digital Rolling Simulation II technology helps optimize tread pattern stiffness to enhance footprint pressure distribution for improved grip and treadlife.

Graspic DS-3 winter tires meet the industry's severe snow service requirements and are branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol.

NOTE: The first 55% of the Graspic DS-3's tread depth features Dunlop's high-grip silica-enhanced compound while the remaining 45% features an all-season tread compound. Snow platform indicators (basically, snow wear bars) are molded into the Graspic DS-3's tread grooves to inform the driver when ice and snow traction will be reduced as the tire's tread wear reaches the point where the premium high-grip silica tread compound is about to wear away.

Install Graspic DS-3 tires in sets of four only.

Due to the traction capabilities of the Graspic DS-3, Dunlop recommends using Graspic DS-3 tires only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.

UTQG: Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards do not apply to winter tires.

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