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MichelinPilot Sport Cup(Streetable Track & Competition)

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
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Set of 4: $1,324.00

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Pilot Sport Cup Streetable Track & Competition radials benefit from the same attention to detail that has earned Michelin repeated successes at major endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. The Pilot Sport Cup was developed for enthusiasts who participate in track events, as well as for serious drivers on the road.

Pilot Sport Cup radials meet DOT requirements, however they are not recommended for driving in wet conditions where standing water is present and there is the risk of hydroplaning; drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds if they encounter these conditions. And like all Streetable Track & Competition tires, Pilot Sport Cup radials are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. It’s also essential these tires be stored indoors at temperatures maintained above 32 degrees F.

The Pilot Sport Cup features a dual zone, side-by-side tread compound with the outboard compound optimized for dry traction and handling while the inboard compound is focused on wet traction. These tread compounds are molded into an asymmetric tread design that features a massive outer shoulder rib to further enhance steering response and cornering stability while circumferential grooves and independent tread blocks on the tread design’s inboard portion enhance wet traction.

The Pilot Sport Cup’s internal structure includes two full-width, steel belts reinforced with Michelin’s Banded At Zero (BAZ) technology to stiffen the tread area and help prevent contact area distortion during aggressive acceleration, cornering, braking and high-speed use.

The dimensions of traditional front and rear companion sizes were developed to avoid diameter differences that can adversely affect electronic driver’s aids and all-wheel drive systems.

Pilot Sport Cup tires are molded with 6/32" of tread depth in their grooves and are left unshaved for use on damp tracks. While Pilot Sport Cup tires do not require shaving for dry track use, their lap time performance will improve slightly if shaved to approximately 4/32” deep tread to begin competitive road racing/track use in dry conditions, however this will sacrifice significant treadlife.

NOTE: Pilot Sport Cup tires cannot be mixed with Pilot Sport Cup + (Plus), Pilot Sport Cup N-Spec or Pilot Sport Cup ZP run-flat tires.

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