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YokohamaADVAN S.4.(Ultra High Performance All-Season)

Yokohama ADVAN S.4.
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
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The ADVAN S.4. is the Ultra High Performance All-Season tire member of Yokohama’s ADVAN family of flagship performance tires developed to combine ultra high performance with all-season utility for the drivers of premium performance coupes and sedans. The Yokohama ADVAN S.4. is designed to combine comfortable ride and noise qualities along with year-round traction that meets the challenges of driving in every season, even winter's lightly snow-covered roads.

The ADVAN S.4. molds a silica-enhanced, all-season tread compound into a directional tread design that features large reinforced shoulder blocks, staggered independent intermediate tread blocks and continuous circumferential center ribs to sharpen steering response and lateral stability while reducing tire noise on dry roads. Three wide circumferential and multiple sweeping Aqua Tusk lateral grooves evacuate water to resist hydroplaning while hundreds of elongated sipes provide the biting edges needed to enhance light snow traction. Yokohama's Variable Pitch Technology combats tread pattern noise by using multiple-size elements that minimize interior noise to enhance driving comfort. The tire’s internal structure includes two steel belts reinforced with spirally wound jointless nylon under the tread area to provide high-speed durability and predictable handling while enhancing wear quality and ride comfort. A tapered bead filler balances responsiveness and cornering performance with low road noise.

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