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Bridgestone offers a wide range of tire choices to match any drivers' needs and driving style while they address a broad range of today’s environmental topics. While many drivers favor environmentally friendly mobility, most are unaware of how tires influence their vehicle’s energy efficiency and environmental impact.

One step closer to an "Ecological Utopia", ECOPIA tires helps drivers reduce their carbon footprint by offering extremely low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and lower vehicle CO2 emissions.

Regardless of the source of fuel (gasoline, ethanol, diesel, hybrid or electric), energy is needed to keep the vehicle moving forward. Lowering tire rolling resistance by optimizing a tire’s weight, internal structure, tread design and tread compound make it possible to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and consequently, lower emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Bridgestone Ecopia
Ecopia tire models (e.g., Ecopia EP02, Ecopia EP20, Ecopia EP100, etc.) feature Bridgestone’s best rolling resistance tire technology to produce their most fuel-efficient Original Equipment (O.E.) and replacement tires. Ecopia tires have been developed with a priority on low rolling resistance in sizes typically used on small fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrids.

Current Ecopia tires employ a tread compound that applies Bridgestone's unique NanoPro-Tech (Nanostructure-Oriented Properties Control Technology) to reduce rolling resistance and energy loss while maintaining wet traction.

Bridgestone Ecopia
In addition, a few sizes of existing tire models combine the original tire’s basic characteristics with greater emphasis on reducing tire rolling resistance. These tires are identified with their primary tire model name and an additional Ecopia symbol (e.g., Turanza ER300 Ecopia, Potenza RE050 Ecopia). These Ecopia sub-branded tires are developed with Bridgestone engineers working in unison with the vehicle manufacturers’ representatives to blend the vehicle’s core capabilities with greater emphasis on reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

NOTE: Bridgestone tires sub-branded with the Ecopia symbol are identified as such on the SIZES & PRICING page, as well as their SPECS page.

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