Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that requires a sensor to be installed in the tire and wheel assembly for proper operation.

    NHTSA's interpretation of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act prohibits service providers from installing aftermarket tires and wheels on your vehicle without working TPMS sensors.

    In some states, vehicle inspection regulations require operating TPMS on every vehicle that came with TPMS as Original Equipment. Check with local law enforcement officials to confirm restrictions in your area or check our latest listing here.

    The Original Equipment sensors from your Original Equipment wheels will not work with this wheel. Tire Rack has modified sensors that are available for your vehicle. The original sensors from your original wheels may be usable with a different wheel.

    As an option you may purchase the sensors listed below. They are compatible with both your vehicle's TPMS and the wheel you have selected.

    Your system includes:

    Modified 315MHz Tire Pressure Sensor
    $200.00 for a quantity of 4

    Optional Black Valve Sleeve and Valve Cap
    $11.96 for a quantity of 4

    Total Price: $211.96

    Additional Information

    If you purchase a Tire & Wheel Package when you buy new sensors, the sensors will be installed on the wheels at no additional charge. Otherwise, you will have to arrange for installation by a trained technician after your new wheels are shipped to you. Tire Rack's Recommended Installers are available to help you with your installation needs and can be selected by ZIP Code in the shopping cart.

    Once installed, you will need to read your vehicle's owner's manual to review the proper procedure for allowing your vehicle to "recognize" the new sensors.

  • Price: $211.96 (Total to Fit 4 Wheels)