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Continental Winter Tires

Winter driving...ice and snow...slipping and sliding...dings and dents. While today's ABS, traction control and stability systems maintain vehicle control, they are programmed to limit a vehicle's mobility to the traction available from its tires. With months of winter driving ahead, don't let all-season tires hold you back. Wouldn't you rather drive on winter / snow tires to help reduce travel times, tension and stress?

Continental Tire, a European leader in winter / snow tires, actively promotes the fact that summer and all-season tire tread compounds become harder and more rigid as temperatures drop below 45°F, resulting in decreased grip whether the roads are dry, wet or covered by snow. Winter / snow tire tread compounds remain flexible at lower temperatures, increasing interaction with the road to provide better grip.

Continental ContiWinterContact and Continental 4x4 WinterContact Performance Winter / Snow tires feature rubber compounds that remain flexible in cold temperatures while their asymmetric tread designs combine responsive handling with snow traction.

Switch to Continental winter / snow tires when temperatures drop to 45°F.


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Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Packages

With winter / snow tires mounted on their own wheels, you can install a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package yourself.

All Tire & Wheel Packages are shipped to you mounted, balanced and with all the installation hardware you'll need to bolt it right on.

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Consumer Reviews

"Excellent snow tire. Keeps traction well in deep snow, especially at higher speeds."
South Boston, MA

"These tires are amazing when the weather turns cold. My High Performance All-Season tires would spin very easily when the temp dropped below 40...They are amazing. You have to really work hard to make them break traction."
Louisville, KY


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