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Pirelli Winter Tires

Winter driving...ice and snow...slipping and sliding...dings and dents. While today's ABS, traction control and stability systems maintain vehicle control, they are programmed to limit a vehicle's mobility to the traction available from its tires. With months of winter driving ahead, don't let all-season tires hold you back. Wouldn't you rather drive on winter / snow tires to help reduce travel times, tension and stress?

Pirelli Sottozero and SnowSport Performance Winter tires combine responsive handling with the ability to grip snow and ice. Their rubber compounds remain flexible in cold temperatures while their tread designs blend snow and ice traction with dry and wet road handling.

Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow Studless Ice & Snow winter tires for today's luxury-performance SUVs are Pirelli's solution for mobility on snow.

While they can be run without studding, Pirelli Winter Carving winter tires feature an optimized stud pattern designed to maximize traction and braking on ice.

Pirelli. Power Is Nothing Without Control.


Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter / Snow

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Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Packages

With winter / snow tires mounted on their own wheels, you can install a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package yourself.

All Tire & Wheel Packages are shipped to you mounted, balanced and with all the installation hardware you'll need to bolt it right on.

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Consumer Reviews

"The Pirelli Carving... is an excellent winter tire in all winter driving conditions. It handles great, is quiet, very stable at speed, and well priced. Will put them on my second car also next season."
Montreal, PQ

"Wonderful tire. For someone who drives like I do, this is a great winter tire. I can drive safely without having to alter my habits due to snow. A wonderful tire!"
Flint, MI

"This tire is amazing! They have wonderful grip, great cornering and incredible handling on snow and ice. I drive them up to the mountains of northern Maine frequently on roads that are often slick with ice and snow. I have never felt so confident in a tire keeping me out of trouble. I know they sold out early last winter and I can see why. I recommended them to all my friends!"
North Reading, MA


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