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AquapelGlass Treatment

2012 Toyota Camry 4CYL LE
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See Clearly. Drive Safer. Longer.

Aquapel Comparison - Treated/Untreated

Windshields coated with Aquapel Glass Treatment ("Treated" side, left) improve a driver's ability to see clearly and drive safer because the treatment bonds with the glass and outlasts other glass treatments by as much as six times.

Aquapel® Glass Treatment uses technology innovated for the aviation industry by PPG Industries, leaders in glass technology. When applied to a vehicle windshield, this product improves vision in the rain, day and night. Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass unlike other products that simply coat glass to increase water repellency, causing it to bead and easily shed off the glass. As a result, Aquapel can last up to 6 times longer than other products. Each box contains one applicator and one treatment can last for months!

Additionally, Aquapel Glass Treatment remains highly effective after months of normal use, including driving in rain and snow, car washing and glass cleaning.

Whenever it's time to renew your long-lasting Aquapel Glass Treatment, its performance can be restored in just minutes with another application (one per box). Once you've driven with Aquapel Glass Treatment, you won't want to drive without it.

Benefits of Aquapel Glass Treatment

  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain
  • Repels rain, snow and sleet
  • Ice, snow, bugs and dirt are easier to remove
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night
  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions

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