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The Finishing Touch: Brake Rotors

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Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance and Braking Performance

The Tire Rack now offers a full range of brake rotors from Original Equipment replacement rotors to slotted, dimpled and/or drilled sport rotors. Whether you are looking to enhance your vehicle's performance and/or its appearance, one of these brake rotor upgrades can provide the finishing touch you're looking for.

When it comes to performance, quality brake rotors are an important part of every braking system. Rotors help to momentarily absorb the heat associated with rapid or repeated stops. However, just like brake pads, rotors eventually wear out. As the miles add up, the amount of metal remaining to act as the heat sink wears away and the rotor's effectiveness is reduced. Sooner or later, brake rotors will reach their minimum disc thickness and require replacing to maintain optimum performance.

When it comes to appearance, many alloy wheels feature thin spokes and open designs. This makes the brake rotors more visible and they become a contributing factor to a vehicle's overall appearance. Additionally, with Plus Size applications resulting in larger diameter wheels being used, many of the Original Equipment brake rotors, now in clear view, appear too plain. Slotted, dimpled and/or drilled sport rotors not only improve brake performance but also give a vehicle a more aggressive appearance.

Important Reminder: Slotted, drilled or dimpled rotors offered as OEM replacements should not be considered appropriate for high-speed track use.

While grooved, drilled and slotted rotors offer an enhanced appearance and add some resistance to the boundary layer of gasses that can build up between the pad and rotor, they are not designed to withstand the extreme temperatures that are produced on the racetrack. If they are used on the track, it is very important that the rotors be carefully inspected and should not be driven on if even minor signs of deterioration are seen. Note, too, that if these products are used on the track they are not warrantable.


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