Brief Explanation of Hourly Employee Benefits

This brief summary of benefits is a guideline only and is subject to change at any time. For complete details, please contact Human Resources.

Vacation Days and Holidays

You will earn one week of paid vacation on the first anniversary of your hire date. On the second and third anniversaries of your hire date, you will earn two weeks of paid vacation.

Additional days are earned beginning on the fourth anniversary of your hire date per the policy outlined in our employee handbook (maximum 15 days). A maximum of 20 days of vacation time may be carried forward at any time and you may request pay for up to 40 hours of unused vacation time during any anniversary year.

Following your six-month anniversary, you will receive eight hours of regular pay for each holiday for which the company closes. The company currently closes for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Personal Days

You will receive two paid personal days on each anniversary of your hire date provided that you have then completed 12 months of continuous full-time employment. Personal days are to be used only at times of personal or family illness or emergency. Personal days are cumulative from year to year, but are not paid at the conclusion of your employment for any reason.


You will be eligible for health insurance coverage on the first day following the completion of your first three months of full-time service. The company currently pays for individual health insurance coverage for each eligible full-time employee. Our current health insurance plan requires the payment of a $250 deductible per person and 20% coinsurance on up to the first $2,500 of covered benefits per person. The coinsurance is 40% on up to the first $5,000 of covered benefits for claims related to non-emergency services of a doctor or hospital that is not a preferred provider under our plan. By electing a $650 deductible, you would receive a credit toward optional group dental, vision and life insurance plans. Optional health insurance coverage for children, spouse, or family is offered to run concurrently with your coverage at a current cost of either $135 ($250 deductible per person) or $125 ($650 deductible per person) per bi-weekly pay period.

Employees who are eligible for health insurance coverage currently receive $15,000 of life insurance coverage and $15,000 of accidental death or dismemberment insurance coverage.

401K Plan

You will be eligible to participate in the company’s 401K Plan on the January 1 or July 1 following your completion of six months of employment, provided that you are then 21 years of age or older. The company currently contributes $1.00 in each employee’s name for each $1.00 that the employee contributes to the Plan, up to a maximum of 6% of the employee’s gross pay. The company’s contribution fully vests after five years of full-time employment with vesting effected over the final four years of that period.

Employee Wellness Works Program

The company established the Employee Wellness Program in 2015. The Program’s mission is to establish and maintain a workplace culture that supports the health and positive well-being of all company employees. You will have the opportunity to participate in many events and activities to help you achieve your personal well-being goals.

The core of the Wellness Works Program consists of Virgin Pulse, a free, fun tool to monitor and track activity and daily health goals. Also available is a periodic onsite biometric screening, Employee Assistance Program, Take60 lunch and learn sessions, onsite healthy produce vending, yoga, onsite gym, discounted offsite gym corporate memberships, a walking path, volunteer opportunities to give back, and an annual employee health fair. Access to Program information is provided on our internal Wellness Website, Facebook Private Group Site, and Wellness Bulletin Boards.