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GREEN BAY, WI 54305-4703
(920) 435-8301

Contact: Bill or Mark

Directions: One block north of Main Street between Webster and Roosevelt.

Distance: 0 Miles

Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5:30, Sat 8-12

Notes: No 24 and Up Rim Diameters PLEASE !!!

Installer Survey Ratings:
Results based on surveys from 13 Tire Rack customers. Ratings are from 0-5, higher is better.

Quality of Service:

Customer Comments:

04/09 - Overall it was a good experience. I could also not a get a firm price prior to the installation (however I felt the final price was very reasonable). The process was very easy and I would use this site again.

07/08 - At first I thought they had scratched my wheels. They asked me to bring my vehicle in so they could look at it. He pointed out to me that there was embedded dirt in the scratches and that couldn't have happened in one day. I had to agree. I just bought this car used so the previous owner probably scratched the wheels and I didn't notice until after they put the tires on. They were extremely courteous about the whole thing. Other than that there are no vibrations or anything strange going on so I'm happy with the install.

05/05 - there was alot of confusion and mounting error on two tires, as they said inside and outside on them- but the tread appeared to be going the wrong direction if you mounted the passenger side with the words outside facing out. They mounted them the other way- we called the factory rep, and was told that they needed to be turned around, so outside was facing out. The dealer remounted them, but felt that they were wrong. Confusion about the brand and installation was not a very secure feeling for me.

09/04 - Bill Sutter acted very indifferently toward me, almost like he resented me having them install the tires because I bought them from Tire Rack. Very Cold treatment. When I called to see if they had arrived (to schedule the installation) he said they hadn't, even when I had a delivery verification tracking record of who signed for them. Just thought you'd like to know how I was treated. (I had bought tires from Tire Rack before, and had them installed there also, and it was the same that time too.) Years ago, I bought tires direct from them before I knew about Tire Rack, and they were real friendly then.

11/02 - I was Pomp's first customer to have tires shipped to them this way. Pomp's was confused somewhat. I called for an installation appointment and told them tires would be shipped to them by Fed Ex. When I showed up for the installation one fellow said he did not know about it. SoI showed him a printout of the Fed Ex tire shipment and then the other fellow sitting next to him said Oh ya those Yokahama tires are sitting over there. The man said Pomps does buy tires from Tire Rack but I seem to have been their first customer doing it this way. The man gave me an installation cost quote by telephone but asked me what it was because he forgot what he told me. So I told him I think you said $14 each and that's what the fee was. But the man was courteous and friendly and showed me a copy of your Tire Rack catalogue. Peace!

Note: Information and prices are subject to change.


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