Tire Road Hazard Service Program

Owner's Obligations

Note: Proper tire care is necessary to obtain maximum service from a tire. It is your obligation to maintain your tire's proper cold inflation pressures as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer and inspect your tires periodically for damage that could be corrected before creating a condition that would cause the tire to be removed from service.

Your Program ID Numbers

You will need to keep your original invoice from Tire Rack with your Tire Road Hazard Service Program Certificate.

Your Program ID Numbers are shown on your invoice and will be required when you submit a claim.

See Sample Invoice (PDF)

What You Must do to Obtain Service:

  1. If you have a tire that has been damaged due to a road hazard as defined here, go to a tire service facility to have your tire examined. If you are unable to locate a tire service facility, contact the Program Administrator at 866-237-0574 (toll free) for assistance.
  2. If the tire service facility determines that your tire is repairable, the tire service facility does not need to contact the Program Administrator for approval to repair the tire. Have the tire repaired, and submit the required paperwork to the Program Administrator to receive reimbursement.
  3. If the tire service facility determines that the tire is not repairable, you must contact the Program Administrator at 866-237-0574 (toll free) for prior authorization. The Program Administrator will give you a claim reference number. You must obtain prior authorization and a claim reference number to replace the unserviceable tire or your claim may be denied.
  4. The Program Administrator will verify your claim and participation in the Road Hazard Program, pre-authorize your tire replacement, provide reimbursement percentage, and will then connect you to a Tire Rack representative so that you can make arrangements to purchase a replacement tire.
  5. You must purchase the replacement tire or pay for the repair. You will be reimbursed for the replacement as determined by the Program Administrator pursuant to the Tire Replacement Terms below (not to exceed $399.99, plus ground shipping costs if shipped from Tire Rack) or repair (not to exceed $25.00) of your tire, once all required documentation has been submitted and approved.
  6. You must sign the repair or replacement invoice.
  7. You must submit a copy of your original invoice showing the purchase of the Road Hazard Program, and a copy of your signed repair or replacement invoice to Program Administrator, Tire Rack Road Hazard Service Program, P.O. Box 17480, Golden, CO 80402-6024. You must include the claim reference number provided to you by the Program Administrator if your tire was replaced.
  8. The damaged tire must be made available for inspection if requested by the Program Administrator.
  9. All claim documentation, including the tire(s) if requested, must be submitted within 60 days of service in order for your claim to be considered for reimbursement.


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