Comparing KONI Special vs. KONI Sport

The characteristics of shock absorbers hardly ever get the attention they deserve, despite the damper being responsible for comfort, roadholding, stability and safety.

Below is a force velocity graph of a KONI Special and a KONI Sport shock, both designed for the same vehicle. The graph displays the adjustment ranges for both shocks. The pink area shows the adjustment range where both shocks are equal in value. The red area indicates that portion unique to the KONI Special, while the yellow area is specific to the Sport shock only. When a car accelerates, brakes or rolls, typical damper speeds are in the (A) area. Damper speeds caused by road surface irregularities (bumps, railroad tracks, etc.) are in the (B) area.

KONI Chart

KONI Special (red or black). The KONI Special dampers are designed to offer the best compromise between road handling and comfort. If only a Special damper is listed, its adjustment forces are designed for all driving requirements.

KONI Sport (yellow). The KONI Sport dampers are designed for aggressive driving or cars with suspension upgrades while continuing to offer comfort. If a KONI Sport is listed as an alternative to the KONI Special, choose Sport for aggressive handling characteristics.

KONI Sport (yellow) shocks are identified by the Sport suffix (example, 8040-1026 Sport). KONI Special (red or black) shocks are listed without the Sport suffix (example, 8040-1026).


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