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Type 85

Silver Painted
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Ratings & Reviews MSW Type 85 Silver Painted

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3.5 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
      Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
      • Location:
        ITHACA, NY
      November 21, 2016
      Good winter wheel. This wheel is the same size as the OE wheels for my 2014 Fiesta ST. The offset is almost exactly the same.
      The fitment was good and so far driveability is the same.
      Research on these rims showed them to be made by O.Z. as a wheel specific for winter driving in Europe.
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      • Vehicle: 2014 Toyota Prius c Two
        Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
        • Location:
        2 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:
        November 28, 2015
        I'm revising my review of this wheel. Initially I was quite upset about the fitment. At 7" wide with 205mm tires mounted to it, and a 37mm offset, it looks like the front tires wont clear the fender lips if the car were to be lowered (2014 Prius C). I plan to lower this car someday. However after driving around all summer (still at stock height), I did not run into any issue. And the handling of the car is VASTLY improved. The standard 175mm tires on 15x5" wheels feels like the car is going to tip over on a corner, but with the wider 17x7s on 205mm tires (45 aspect ratio) the car is way planted. I suppose when / if I lower this car I will solve that problem down the road, but for now I think it is fair to say that the improved handling is WAY worth it, so I wanted to revise my previously harsh review of the fitment to be fair. :) And as I said before, these wheels look FANTASTIC for the cost.
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        • Vehicle: 2014 Toyota Prius c Two
          Wheel Diameter: 17
          • Location:
          0 out of 18 people found the following review helpful:
          April 01, 2015
          These fit fine at stock ride height, but I plan to lower my PriusC and I'm certain the tires will hit the fenders (the fronts will hit even if rolled). I'm a little disappointed this is considered a recommended fitment from tire-rack. 17 diameter x 6" wide would be a more appropriate wheel size. Or larger offset might squeeze it in. I love the TireRack experience, but disappointed about my dismal future of trying to drop the vehicle a bit. Looks like a lost some MPG too, but that was to be expected. Upside is the wheels look great on the car.
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