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Silver Painted
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Ratings & Reviews Sport Edition F5 Silver Painted

Based on 7 submissions of our online survey.
Average Rating:
4.5 out of 5
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    • Vehicle: 1990 BMW 735i
      Wheel Diameter: 15
      • Location:
      October 27, 2016
      Very nice wheels for the price. They sat in a little close to my struts for being OEM, but I knew the offset was a bit different.
      But they worked. Doc was a very big help in making things right for me, when I had a slight issue with lug nuts. He was on it fast, and took care of me...... Would buy from the tire rack again!
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      • Vehicle: 1998 Toyota Corolla LE
        Wheel Diameter: Not Provided
        • Location:
          COVENTRY, RI
        April 15, 2016
        4/15/2016- This is an update to my previous review on the Special Edition F5 wheels packaged with General Altimax RT43s. After driving on them for 1 yeasr and 9 months (about 20,000 miles) this is my summary so far.


        The four F5 Special Edition wheels I purchased still look good. They still give the car a much peppier look than the original steelies. Only one has any slight paint damage from a stone or other impact- it's not noticeable. Here's the only only problems.

        1. THE VALVES... Chinese-made rubber valve stems don't seat well in the valve holes of the F5 wheels. I kept losing tire pressure with the low quality rubber valves that came with the wheels and also with the valves the tire store installed. It was intermittent when they'd lose air, but when I touched the valve at all, you could hear it leak. All of a sudden I'd have 15lbs. of air in one of my tires. I mostly solved this problem when I made the tire store install Gorilla rubber stems I bought at Walmart. These were better quality, but now in hindsight, I'll use metal screw-down racing stems for these wheels from now on. That will hopefully solve this issue totally. I'm not sure if the wheel's valve holes are just machined wrong or all press-in valves stink these days?

        2. THE PAINT... The recessed holes for the valve stems have lost their silver paint, probably from the valves bending at high speeds.

        3. CLEANING... If you have greasable ball joints, the excess grease will drip onto the inside of the wheel and causes balance issues. Due to this, I bought ProForged non-greasable ball joints which not only solved the mis-balance problem, but made it so I don't need to clean the wheels as much. Ceramic brake pads also make for a dust-free wheel.

        4.THE GENERAL RT43 TIRES... They have worn evenly through year-round highway use, but I have recently noticed deep-puddle hydroplaning. I don't rotate these tires front to rear.
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        • Vehicle: 1998 Toyota Corolla LE
          Wheel Diameter: 14
          • Location:
            COVENTRY, RI
          3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful:
          July 20, 2014
          I installed four 14x6 Sport Edition F5 wheels on my 1998 Corolla LE. I bought a full package from Tire Rack that included four General Altimax RT43s mounted and "Hunter RoadForce" balanced. I can't say much good about the Hunter balancing as one of the weights on one wheel was thrown when I received the tire/wheels by UPS delivery. I called the TR Customer Service and told them one of the weights was dangling. They said no problem.... go to one of their specified tire installers and have it rebalanced, and TR would pay for it. Cool! The thing is, Long Distance Tire did a MUCH better job of balancing the tire with a weight that swedged onto the rim, not some double-sided taped lead weight that could easily come off, like on the wonderful Hunter Balancing bologna TR raves about as their free service. I think it's total BS. Anyway, Long Distance Tire balanced it for free, which I have no idea why. And I didn't even tell them I bought the tire/wheel from TR.

          Anyhooooo.... this tire and wheel package is so far wonderful after 300 miles. I drive 100 miles per day, and the orig steel wheels were HORRIBLE compared to these. The car now drives perfectly smooth and straight as it should, especially on the highway, which is most of my travel. Last year, I installed Bilstein B4 struts and all top notch front-end parts. Now, finally, the car can fully take advantage of these mods. The F5 wheels look SO much better than the steelies and they are a breeze to clean (or Plasti-Dip). The car looks peppier and is more spry and confident in the corners with the new RT43s. I highly recommend this package, especially if you do it while there's a General $50. tire rebate, like I got. This brings my entire package of wheels and tires down to $639.98. Can't beat that! It even came with all the chrome acorn mounting lugs and a Gorilla extension for your lug wrench, which you will need for these wheels.
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