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Continental ContiComfortKit

Comfortably Maintains Temporary Mobility in the Event a Tire is Punctured


  • Braided air hose
  • Threaded hose end (more secure than push-on, thumb-lock inflation head)
  • 15-foot power cord
  • Lighted pressure gauge
  • Low-intensity LED supplemental work light

While it isn't intended to make tires sound quieter or ride smoother, Continental Tire's ContiComfortKit is capable of comfortably sealing typical tire punctures making it possible for you to complete the drive home, to work, an important appointment or a tire repair facility. The ContiComfortKit carries Germany's TUV approval and is suitable for use with passenger car tires, including run-flat designs, as long as the vehicle's recommended tire pressure does not exceed 43 psi (3.0 bar) and the tire dimension is within the recommended application range. The ContiComfortKit is only available for shipment to USA addresses.

See applicable tire sizes.

Suitable tires are typically fitted on most performance and passenger cars, family minivans and crossover vehicles (vehicles that combine the features of a car with those of a minivan or small on-road sport utility vehicle).  The ContiComfortKit can be used year-round in temperatures ranging from -22° to 158°F (-30° to 70°C), and features an illuminated pressure gauge, backlit operating instructions and built-In light to make it easy to use at night.

The ContiComfortKit combines a powerful, high-volume, 12-volt air compressor, integral pressure gauge and a latex liquid tire sealant packaged in a compact, lightweight unit that's easy to store in the vehicle. (Kit is 9.5"W x 7"H x 3.75"D.) This product's sealant may interfere with the tire pressure monitoring sensors on vehicles with direct TPMS, possibly leading to error prompts and incorrect pressure readings. Use of this product on direct TPMS vehicles could also result in damage to the tire pressure sensor inside the wheel. Please contact your sales specialist at Tire Rack for more information.

The ContiComfortKit can also be used as a stand-alone compressor without the sealant activated. When used in this mode, the ContiComfortKit can be used for periodic tire maintenance to compensate for tire pressure losses over time or due to changes in ambient temperature. And in the case of a very slow leak, the ContiComfortKit can restore sufficient pressure without requiring the use of sealant to drive the vehicle to a nearby tire repair facility.

Without even removing the foreign object (such as nails or screws) in the case of a fast leak or a flat tire, activating the ContiComfortKit sealant will inject the liquid latex tire sealant and the compressor will reinflate the tire to comfortably provide a quick and simple temporary mobility of the most common tire hazards, such as tread area punctures caused by nails and screws up to approximately 1/4-inch (6mm) in diameter.

A typical passenger car tire that is flat will take less than seven minutes to fill.

Once the sealant is activated and inflation pressure is correctly set and confirmed with the ContiComfortKit's integral air pressure gauge (NOTE: normal pencil, dial and/or digital tire pressure gauge may become contaminated by the sealant and should not be used) after driving a few miles, the temporarily sealed tire is ready to be driven for up to 125 miles (200 km) at speeds up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

So in addition to making routine tire maintenance easier, the ContiComfortKit is the on-board maintenance resource for most cars, family minivans and cross-over vehicles that can inflate a tire with low air pressure, as well as temporarily seal a tread puncture and re-inflate a flat tire.You can verify that the ContiConfortKit is appropriate for the tire size(s) used on your car, family minivan or cross-over vehicle by locating the tire width, aspect ratio and rim diameter branded on the sidewall of your tires in the following table.

The ContiComfortKit is not suitable for any other tire sizes than those listed. Only the sizes shown are acceptable. Use only for passenger car tires listed in the following tables. Do not use if vehicle placard inflation pressure exceeds 43 psi.

Every ContiComfortKit has a "use before" date printed on a seal that is placed adjacent to the instructions on the face of the ContiComfortKit. The "use before" date identifies the latex liquid tire sealant's forty-eight month life span from the time the sealant was bottled. Just before the "use before" date is reached, you should replace the sealant canister with a new one by ordering ContiComfortKit Replacement Parts that includes a new bottle of sealant.

Applicable tire sizes (listed by rim diameter)

10, 12, 13 & 14"17"20"

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