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ContinentalContiComfortKit Replacement Parts

Continental ContiComfortKit Replacement Parts

Note: This product cannot be used on vehicles equipped with direct tire pressure monitoring sensors in the wheels. Use of this product on these vehicles could result in damage to the sensor inside the wheel. Please contact your sales specialist at Tire Rack for more information.

The ContiComfortKit's orange compartment contains a bottle of liquid latex tire sealant. When the tire sealant has been activated to temporarily seal a tire, the sealant flows through an adapter and air hose, which become coated with the sealant. Therefore the sealant bottle, adapter and air hose must be replaced to prepare the ContiComfortKit to be returned to service for future use as a stand-alone compressor or to provide temporary extended mobility.

ContiComfortKit Replacement Parts includes easy-to-follow instructions along with a new bottle of sealant, adapter and air hose. The kit also includes the special torx screwdriver needed to remove the sealant bottle compartment cover's screws and a pair of plastic gloves. Once the replacement parts have been installed, a new speed limit warning sticker and sealant expiration date sticker included in with ContiComfortKit Replacement Parts should replace the stickers originally used on the ContiComfortKit.

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