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Tire RackAluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set

The Aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set from Tire Rack features a Quick Lift System with two-stage pump and dual return springs. Go from 3.5" ground height to a maximum height of 19.5" in 12 strokes or less, even under load. The jack’s lightweight, aluminum design weighs only 50 lbs. for easy transport yet remains ideal for heavy-duty, 2-ton capacity use. Wide track casters and wheels allow for easy maneuverability while a rubber saddle pad and foam handle bumper protect the raised vehicle. Jack stands feature safety lock pins and a wide base to provide added stability. A 50" handle is included.

Jack Lift Range: 3.5" to 19" (meets almost any application)
Jack Saddle Diameter: 4.75"
Jack Chassis Width: 13"
Jack Front Wheels: 2.5" x 1.75"
Jack Rear Caster Width: 1.25” x 1.25”
Jack Weight: 50 lbs.

Jack Stand Set Lift Range: 10.5" to 15.5"
Jack Stand Base Width: 7"
Jack Stand Weight: 10 lbs. (set of 2)

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