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HawkHT-14 Track Only Pads (Autocross/Track)

2001 BMW M3 Coupe

This product is not available for your 2001 BMW M3 Coupe. See brakes for this vehicle.

This product is available from $80.00 to $177.00 depending on the size and application for other vehicles.

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For over 15 years, Hawk Performance has dominated the racetrack by providing champions with cutting-edge friction materials. Whether you are looking to improve your braking ability during the next lapping day or looking to make your move on the final lap, Hawk has you covered with a wide array of Motorsport Compound Pads.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the aggressive nature of the Hawk Performance Motorsports Compound pads, they are not recommended for street use.

HT 14 Compound

Temp Range: 300-1,400 degrees Fahrenheit
Torque: Very High
Recommended Use: Designed for vehicles that achieve high top speeds and require repeated high deceleration rates during road race competition. Sports Car/GT and higher horsepower, open wheel applications.

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