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HellaModel 550 Fog Light Kit

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Hella Model 550 Fog Light Kit Reviewer's Overall Rating: 9.2

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE

Location: Waco, Tx

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September 13, 2009

I got a set of 550's in driving light form as a gift,I had to provide a 12x3x.25(inch) aluminum plate as a support for the set to my installer,later on I upgraded them with 100W bulbs,after that they worked excellent until road debris(repaired with clear silicon) and a later fender bender broke the lens on them,I wasn't able to find replacement lenses so water got in on one and corroded the reflective surface and broke the bulb,but nonetheless these are an exceptional product and help a lot my OE headlights on empty roads even with only one working!.I have not seen them lately on the stores shelves so I figure got discontinued so I will have to settle with the 500 series.
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