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HellaMicro DE Fog Light Kit

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The Micro DE Fog Lamp is the smallest DE auxiliary fog lamp from Hella. It provides surprising flexibility in terms of light placement and gives automobile designers, tuners and do-it-yourselfers a small trend setting auxiliary fog lamp ideal to pedestal mount in the grill, under the bumper, or flush-mount through the front air dam/spoiler.

The Hella Micro DE auxiliary fog lamp uses a halogen bulb mounted in an extremely small, sturdy and temperature resistant magnesium housing featuring DE projector lens optics. The Micro DE auxiliary fog lamp shines a white light in a wide, low, flat beam that has a sharp cutoff to reduce light reflecting off the water vapor back into the driver’s eyes. Additionally, because the Micro DE fog light beam is white in its color, it can also be used to help illuminate the road during rain, as well as, around corners and tight bends on clear nights.

Hella auxiliary Micro DE Fog Light kit #74527 includes:

Two lamps (2-5/8" H x 2-7/8" W x 5-1/2" D) with black decoration rings, H3 Halogen bulbs, soft rubber caps, brackets, wiring harness, relays and switch, easy-to-follow instructions.

Projected light output for Hella
Micro DE Halogen Fog Light Kit:

Projected light output for Hella Micro DE Halogen Fog Light Kit

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