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PIAAH3 Night-Tech

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PIAA’s Night-Tech line of bulbs features several advancements in performance, durability and manufacturing to achieve new levels of halogen lighting. Through the use of an innovative blend of gases and an exclusive filament material, these bulbs provide up to 90% more light and a greater life span than a conventional halogen bulb. Illumination is also enhanced through the use of unique dual band coatings engineered to optimize output.

With a 3600 Kelvin rating, the bulbs create a whiter and brighter light and offer nearly 100 feet more range when compared to standard bulbs. DOT- and SAE-approved, PIAA Night-Tech replacement bulbs are street-legal in all 50 states and Canada.

PIAA Night-Tech Technology Wattages

H1: 55w = 100w XTRA
H3: 55w = 100w XTRA
H4: 60/55w = 110/100w XTRA
H7: 55w = 100w XTRA
H11: 55w = 100w XTRA
9005: 60w = 110w XTRA
9006: 51w = 95w XTRA

Sold in pairs.

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