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H&R’s simple philosophy, "build the best, and the rest will follow," has resulted in world-wide success. Their racing experience — supplying the World Championship-winning Porsche and AMG Mercedes teams — gives them an edge in suspension tuning and design.

Every H&R component is made in Germany and is tested and approved by the German government’s TUV agency for quality, safety and reliability. Additional testing and research is done in their U.S. facility, right outside Seattle, to fine tune its systems for optimum handling, balance and ride quality. Every H&R part is crafted in Germany to exacting international ISO9001 standards, ensuring that it will perform with the same precision and reliability years down the road as it does the first time you roll it onto the street or track.

Every H&R spring, whether designed for a Civic or a LeMans-winning Porsche GT1 prototype, is precision-wound with the highest quality German spring steel available. It’s heat-treated twice to realign the molecular structure for long term resilience. It is shot-peened, inside and out — a process that extends the service life of the spring more than 200%. Each spring is pre-set using Super-Blok(TM) technology a total of four times to establish its final length, and tested for ride height and spring rate. It is then electrically-charged phosphate-coated, painted with a special polyurethane-epoxy powder coating and oven-cured to create a hard, corrosion-resistance shell.


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