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EibachPro-Street Coil-Over (Autocross/Track)

This product is available from $954.00 depending on the size and application.

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To develop high performance threaded coil-overs for the street, Eibach relies on the experience gained from decades of involvement in racing at the international level — Formula 1, NASCAR, CART, IRL, Super Touring Car, World Rally Championship.

  • Extreme look that utilizes Formula 1 racing technology for the street
  • Adjustable lowering from 0.8" up to 3.0"
  • Excellent ride quality—progressively stiffer when pushing to the limit

The technology behind Eibach's Pro-Street Coil-Over spring/damper kits is based on that used in the Eibach ERD Racing Dampers and ERS Racing Springs seen on race cars worldwide. Pro-Street Coil-Over kits let serious drivers quickly adjust the ride height and corner weight of each individual wheel, giving them the flexibility they demand for precise street and track tuning.

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