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SPCAccord Rear EZ Arm XR (Performance Street)

For select Honda Accord applications.

SPC Performance's EZ Arm XR provides a substantial amount of rear camber change for precise tuning on cars that have been lowered or for adjustment of suspension alignment angles on vehicles used in racing or drifting.

An Original Equipment (O.E.) style ball joint is integrated into the arm and allows for a 6 degree range (-2.0 degree to +4.0 degree) of rear camber change.

  • Rear Adjustment Range: -2.0 degree to +4.0 degree camber
  • Installation Time: 0.5 hr. per side
  • Kits Required: 1 per wheel

Very easy to use site. I liked that I could see what the wheels looked like on my car before I bought them.    Read More


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