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TraxdaLift and Level Kit (Performance Street)

This product is available from $28.00 to $433.00 depending on the size and application.

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When shopping for a lift kit for your pickup truck or SUV, it is important to keep in mind that there are only a limited number of ways that a lift can be performed. Some systems relocate the suspension brackets and require the removal of all suspension components to do so. Others increase spring pressure and result in a stiffer ride.

Traxda's method relocates the mounting point of the spring that holds the truck up without changing the location of the stock suspension arms. Install is simpler and easier and doesn't compromise the stock ride. Each application is tweaked to ensure stock compatibility and quality. For example, with a coil-over shock style suspension the strut length is extended while retaining the stock spring pressure. This keeps the smooth ride of a stock truck, with no increase in harshness. For a torsion bar style suspension a re-indexed torsion key and shock relocator brackets are included to change the location of the torsion spring mount without changing the spring tension. After installation maintenance, e.g., re-torquing the mounting bolts, is not required. All Traxda kits come complete with hardware, full instructions, alignment specs and dedicated technical support.

Traxda Lift and Level Kits raise the front of the truck 1.5 to 3" (depending on the vehicle) to eliminate factory rake and provide the clearance necessary to run larger wheels and tires. For some applications, the rear of the truck can be raised 1-2" as well leveling the truck and compensating for the heavy loads used in a working environment. Also depending on the application, front wheel travel is increased up to 2" and stock ground clearance is greatly improved making it perfect for off road or heavy construction use.

Installation of Traxda Lift and Level Kits allows for the use of up to 35" tall tires (17"-26" rims, stock offset, depending on application) without rubbing.

Most kits are a direct bolt-in style, simple and easy to install with nothing more than common hand tools and require no modifications to your vehicle. The kits retain stock ride quality.

Lift and Level Kit Features:

  • Precision laser cut solid steel technology engineered to exact tolerances
  • Does not change preload
  • Maintains stock ride quality on most vehicles
  • Requires no disassembly of the strut
  • Depending on application, stock shocks or stock-length aftermarket shocks can be used
  • Shock brackets included where applicable
  • Allows for up to 35" tires to fit without rubbing depending on application
  • Alignment specs provided
  • Truck can be returned to stock when required
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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