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Firestone's UNI-T Technology

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Today, UNI-T, UNI-T AQ and UNI-T AQII technologies are available in selected performance, touring, passenger and light truck tires. UNI-T stands for the Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology, while UNI-T AQ and AQII identifies that the tire also offers Advanced Quality. And while their names don't fully describe what they mean to tire performance...they offer technologies that you probably want your tires to have.

To many drivers, tires appear to be relatively simple rubber products. All they do is bake rubber in a mold until it forms a functional tread design and attractive sidewalls, right?

Wrong! Tires are very complex. They combine dozens of components that must be formed, assembled and cured together. And their ultimate success depends on their ability to blend all of the separate components into a cohesive product that satisfies the driver's needs.

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UNI-T: Ultimate Network of
Intelligent Tire Technology

Consists of three core technologies that are the cornerstones of building advanced tires. However, the most important thing about UNI-T isn't what it is...it's what UNI-T does. UNI-T allows tires to offer tuned performance while they roll rounder and last longer.


Tuned Performance
Computer Optimized Component System

It's advanced tire design technology. It optimizes the tire's shape, materials, construction and tread design to maximize the tire's key performance areas without accepting the traditional tradeoffs in other performance areas.


Roll Rounder

A tire's beads secure it to the wheel and inside each bead are steel cables that provide the required strength. O-Bead technology makes the bead "rounder" than traditional manufacturing methods. Rounder beads result in rounder tires that are more stable and ride better.


Last Longer
L.L. Carbon

Carbon Black is the basic ingredient that gives rubber strength. L.L. (Long Link) Carbon Black is the result of lengthening the basic carbon black molecule, allowing it to strengthen the tread rubber to increase treadlife and fuel efficiency.

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UNI-T AQ: UNI-T Advanced Quality

Bridgestone's AQ technology with Extended Performance Optimization (EPO), helps retain enhanced wet traction into the future. When added to UNI-T tires, AQ technology helps keep their wet traction up even as their tread wears down.


Retains Wet Traction...Through the Tire's Life
Extended Performance Optimization

After thousands of miles of driving has worn your tires down and aged their tread rubber, the laws of chemistry reduce some of their wet traction abilities. UNI-T AQ technology rewrites the laws by combining UNI-T tire designs with two layers of age resistant tread rubber compounds that actually provide more consistent wet braking and handling performance throughout the tire's life, even as the tread wears down.

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