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State Tire Fees Collected by Tire Rack

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Many states have established waste tire management funds to address issues related to discarded tires. Examples include tire disposal, remediation of illegally dumped tires, recycling, and consumer education. Tire Rack collects these state fees when selling tires to consumers in states in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, and Nevada.

These states use slightly different names for these funds and the amount per tire varies from $.25/per tire in Indiana to $2/per tire in Louisiana. The state fee the Tire Rack collects is tied to the retail sale of new tires and is passed directly to the state.

Many consumers are not aware that there are both state waste tire management fees and the dealers' tire disposal fees.

The state fee is not associated with the physical disposal of old tires; on the other hand, any disposal fees collected by a local installer are intended to cover his cost for the private service that picks up the scrap tires his customers leave behind.

Louisiana sums it up in one of their documents on the topic:

"In Louisiana new tire dealers are required to collect $2.00 on the retail sale of each new tire they sell. This fee is to be collected regardless of whether or not the consumer chooses to retain his waste tire."

Additional information can be found online:

ColoradoWaste Tire Program$1.50 per tire
ConnecticutN/ANo state fee collected.
DelawareN/ANo state fee collected.
GeorgiaSolid Waste Trust Fund$1.00 per tire
IndianaWaste Tire Management Fund25˘ per tire (trailer tires are exempt)
LouisianaWaste Tire Management Fund$2.00 per tire
NevadaTire Surcharge Fee$1.00 per tire

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