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When it comes to the safety of a vehicle and its occupants, there aren’t many components more important than the tires used to carry the load and grip the road. Today’s radials are comprised of dozens of rubber compounds covering the fabric and wire reinforcing materials molded into finished tires. And while continuous improvements in engineering, manufacturing and quality control reduce the possibility of defects in materials or workmanship, the potential for a tire safety recall still exists.

In the event of a recall, tire manufacturers are obligated by law to use first-class mail in an attempt to notify owners of record. This is where tire registration comes in.

Tires Purchased Through Tire Rack

In order to assure Tire Rack’s retail customers can be notified, we register the Department of Transportation (DOT) Tire Identification Number (TIN) for you. Your name and address is protected by Federal Law and can never be used in any way other than to directly notify you in the event of a safety-related recall.

However anytime you move, purchase a used car or are concerned you are driving on tires that were not registered when originally purchased, you can still register them online at the tire manufacturer’s websites shown below.

Manufacturer Tire Registration Links
BFGoodrich Kumho
Bridgestone Michelin
Continental Pirelli
Dunlop Power King (TBC)
Firestone Sumitomo (Treadways)
Fuzion Toyo
General Uniroyal
Goodyear Yokohama

Tire Warranty PackageSimply complete your name and address, add postage and mail the registration form.
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Tires Purchased Elsewhere

Most tire retailers don’t offer automatic tire registration. They provide their customers with a mailable, pre-addressed tire registration form at the time of delivery and/or installation. The tire dealer is responsible for filling in their name and address, along with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Tire Identification Number (commonly referred to as serial number) of each tire purchased.

You would then be responsible for completing the form by filling in your name and address, affixing postage and mailing the registration form. Consumers that choose not to send in their registration form will not be notified directly by the manufacturer in the event of a tire safety recall.

Tires Purchased on New Vehicles

Tires fitted as Original Equipment on new vehicles are also automatically registered when the vehicle is purchased.

New Tires Fitted to Used Vehicles Purchased from a Car Dealer

Tire registration for new tires fitted to used vehicles is to be fulfilled by the car dealer when the vehicle is sold.


As a service to our customers, Tire Rack registers the Department of Transportation (DOT) Tire Identification Numbers for you automatically for tires purchased from us so that you do not have to send in the registration paperwork mentioned above.

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