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Tire Specs: Globalized Standards

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Tire and wheel manufacturers initially formed regional associations to establish interchangeability standards for tires, rims and allied parts for the guidance of manufacturers, as well as to establish standards for the designers of motor vehicles, aircraft and other wheeled vehicles. These regional associations also represent the tire industry to governmental and other regulatory bodies.

The primary regional industry associations are listed below:

  • The Tire and Rim Association, Inc.
    Copley, Ohio, USA
  • Associacao Latino Americana De Pneus E Aros (ALAPA)
    San Paulo, Brazil
  • European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO)
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC)
    New Delhi, India
  • The Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association (JATMA)
    Tokyo, Japan
  • The Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organization (STRO)
    Uppsala, Sweden
  • The Tyre and Rim Association of Australia (TRAA)
    Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

As tire manufacturing has become a global industry, these regional associations have formed liaisons with each other to assure future tire and wheel standards are global in nature and application.

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